Three folks herein, (their names all obscured) (take a look at what's in parenthesis)
give you some letters, but not a full word.
Once all their acronyms in order are taken
your spy game starts (not stirred - shaken). (James Bond)

To solve all the puzzles you'll need a sharp mind,
a computer, perhaps, and not too much time.
Your journey might take you downtown, or to Rice,
or to an office in Cox (on just one roll of the dyce). (Nancy Dye)

That's two names down so you'd better get started.
Remember - there's loot on this path that we've charted.
A reward will be yours, if your number is called.
Now the game is afoot (as Sherlock's dad scrawled). (Arthur Conan Doyle)

j b n d a c d

The note was written by one of our friends (who ran a comic store...).
The poem was hacked together a day or three before we launched, and we really liked the Conan Doyle bit.
A page that looked similar to this was saved as the homepage on all the lab computers in Mudd (back when you could screw with lab computers that way) and we emailed the URL (anonymously of course) to a few friends. About 30 people solved this first clue, but only about a dozen would follow the clues much further.


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