ObieGame in a Nutshell

What is ObieGame?

ObieGame can be best described as a treasure hunt, interactive story, and puzzle game rolled together to form one delicious, spilling-out-the-ends burrito. Technically, an ARG.


Follow the clues, solve the puzzles, figure out what’s going on. First team or player to the end wins.


Honor, glory, and the ending to the story. And some cool game-related shit.


You can utilize any resources in order to advance through the game. You must obey all federal, state, and local laws, and campus policies, and we encourage you to use common courtesy. Also – ObieGame is not a valid excuse for missing classes, work, or anniversaries. Use your heads.


A team consists of one to ten friends, enemies, coworkers, or random acquaintances. We ask you to designate a captain for organizational reasons; that doesn’t necessarily give said captain permission to lord it over the rest of you. If you don’t have a team but want one, register alone and we’ll give you the choice to be matched up with other solo players.