2016: Fetch Quests

Fake S&S informs you about a missing person on Oberlin campus, last seen with one Dora Hulfax. Dora’s an avid conspiracy theorist with a blog (and a vlog!), convinced that all the weird stuff in the world is connected to… something. A cult? It’s probably a cult.

It’s a cult. They’ve got Tumblr blogs and everything. Dora encourages you to try to figure out what you can about them. Vaguely New Age, devoted to some guy called Brother Al. When you reach out to one of the members of the cult, you wind up with an invitation to a meeting. It’s a pretty standard cult meeting.

And then the faeries show up.

And they’re trying to kill you.

After a frantic race through Noah basement, the “cult member”–really a member of the Seelie Court–takes pity, and helps you use fae hospitality to save your lives. Unfortunately, this now means you’re part of the faerie world.

(Oh, and Dora? Short for Pandora. Part of the Wild Hunt, a faerie faction alongside the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, and the group that chased you through Noah basement.)

Over the next five days, while the interactions between faerie factions grow more tense, each faction gives you a quest to complete. Successful completion of a quest gets you a “fetch”, each of which grants certain powers and benefits at endgame: a faerie ball, where the Faerie Queen gives you the chance to make a crucial choice.


  • 1st place went to Obie GYN: The Tale of Dragon & the Fireballs!
  • Special mention to every other team who made it through a really rough final elimination process to get to endgame:
  • Hugh Jass & Co. Feat. Madison
  • Oberlin Hedgehogs
  • Oberlin Ultra
  • What?

Fun Facts:

  • The initial email from Fake S&S, despite being clearly labeled as fake, caused teams to go to drastic measures, including contacting (real) S&S and/or taking pictures of the “missing” actor when they saw him around campus.
  • Too many teams solved all the puzzles in the leadup to endgame, so we had to eliminate down to five based on performance throughout the game. Nobody was happy about it.