2012: Into The Woods

You’re going to be alone on this one. Start with a snippet of a radio show discussing a centuries old hoax manuscript. Follow bits and pieces to a natural foods company… a Belgian bank employee… songs being researched by a Con professor… a package in constant transit, destination: Oberlin. No one has the whole story, except for you – a half-century of musings by men gone mad, families torn apart, believers buried alive… If you can find your way into the ceremony before the appointed hour, maybe you can be the one to save us all.

But in that basement, during that ceremony… you’ll be on your own.


  • Zombie Wolves 2012 edition – the winner amongst winners
  • Spy Kidz
  • Beige Mao
  • Das Combs


Fun Facts:

This game didn’t have an official title for advertising purposes as some games have. Working titles were ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ and ‘Come Play With Us…’ which was nicely creepy, but not what we wanted. Four days after the game opened we hit upon the current title.