Questions, Answered

What is this?

Obiegame is a combination treasure hunt, brain teaser and interactive story. To quote one of our planners: “Lo! You shall experience woeful dreams trying to unravel the plot, but until you have reached the final chapter, the dreams shall be in vain.” We’re thinking that ‘senior thesis’ of his finally took him over the edge.

Point is it’s a fun little diversion whose details we can’t spill right now because it would ruin the fun… but do prepare yourself for puzzles, high stakes, and boatloads of intrigue.

I’m not going to need dice, am I?

No, this isn’t a role-playing game. But feel free to call yourself Saurick, Warrior God if it helps you to enjoy things more.

How long will this take?

Some people burn through some clues in minutes while other peoples (and other clues) take a little more time. The game itself will be over before finals, and lasts about two weeks… if you’re lucky. Even the over-committed amongst us should be able to fit it in around things like classes, eating, and philosophical discussion on the sidelines of rugby matches.

How much does it cost?

Ummm… how’s nothing? Is nothing okay for you? We thought so.

Why do I need to register?

We tried keeping track of the very first game on the back of an envelope. It didn’t work so well. We’re pretty sure we still owe several people a small prize, and this note here is either about how many players made it to the third clue, or about Tony’s heart medication. So we thought a little more organization couldn’t hurt.

Do you really need my phone number?

It’s pretty useful for a couple of planned aspects of gameplay. And we promise we won’t use it (or the other information you provide) for anything non-game related, sell it to telemarketers, or burn all your minutes talking to you about our commitment issues.

However, if you’re really not cool with giving us a phone number, email us at before you register and we’ll figure something out.

Do I need a team?

Nope, although many players have found it both easier and more fun to tackle the puzzles and gameplay with at least a partner. We also have a ‘lone wolf’ option where we’ll assign you to a team of other teamless people.

How many people can be on a team?

One to ten friends, acquaintances, Mongolian marauders, and so forth. We instituted the ten-person cap after a 15-person team just bulldozed through ObieGame ’05. 

Who can play?

Current Oberlin students (whether officially enrolled, abroad, on medical leave, or taking a semester off). As much as we love alumni and people from other campuses, we need to keep our numbers manageable.

What do I (or possibly we) get out of this?

Glory, honor, not a whole lot of fortune. We’re an unchartered organization doing this out of the goodness or badness of our hearts. So while we can offer you good times, confounding riddles, and an immersive story, the prizes will be less cash money and more game-related shit. Like stickers. We love stickers.

I have an extremely urgent question or feedback!

Shh, it’ll be okay. Feedback’s a bitch, but we like it anyway. If you’ve played ObieGame in the past, email us with questions, to tell us what you liked in past games, what got confusing, and where we might have screwed up.

This sounds great and I need to help plan it immediately.

Applications for planning go out to the previous year’s players by email sometime over the next year.

If you’d like to plan despite never having played, shoot us an email and we’ll send you the application. But we’ve found the best contributors are the ones who’ve played the game before. So if you haven’t played, what’s stopping you? It’s lots of fun and a great resume builder. (Or not.) When you play, you’ll undoubtedly come up with lots of little ideas for making the ObieGame experience richer; that’s when you shave your head and join the cult. Um, as it were.

When does it start/run?

Right… now! Quick! Look behind you!

We will post on the main page of the website, and mysteriously in locations all over campus, when the registration period is open and how long it will last. After registration has closed, you will receive and email from the planners hashing out all the rules. After that, the game has officially begun.  Good luck.