2014: The Anniversary

Did it take us five years to write this summary? Maybe. Shut up. Don’t you have some puzzles to solve?

Anyway, the Oberlin Mythological Society (OMS) throws a party. A reception, really, on Saturday evening. Oh, you haven’t heard of OMS? It’s an organization dedicated to preserving the local lore and mythologies of Oberlin. The group’s been around for a half century, thanks to the reception’s guest of honor, Dr. Alonso Bari, who gave a lecture last Monday and is going to speak right here at this reception, too!

…Except he’s dead. Murdered. Recently. Within the last few hours, in fact.

Speech cancelled. There’ll be a memorial service on Monday, 5 pm.

Monday morning you get a newsletter from OMS. There’ll be a lecture by Dr. Alonso Bari later today, at 5 pm. And a reception. On Saturday.

You’re trapped in a time loop.

Through some careful infiltration of events over this week, you find out that Megan Abelard, also a founding member of OMS, is the murderer, angry because Alonso is getting all the credit and fame off their shared work. Warn Alonso and save his life–but at the afterparty for the now-cancelled reception, he poisons Megan and a slew of others. And the week resets again.

Using the myth and lore of Ancient Oberlin and your knowledge of events and decisions happening around campus during the week, you must keep both individuals alive… or risk being stuck in time forever.


  • Great question. Our institutional memory sucks. We think first place went to:
  • Kendal at Oberlin, captained by a four-time player (nicely done!)
  • Runners-up are Toilet Barons of the Midwest, and OOPS!