1. Is ObieGame dead?

No. ObieGame will never die.

2. But we’re not on campus.

You think that’ll stop us?

3. How does registration work this year?

You’ll register normally. Find a team of up to 10 people, sign up here, you’ll get an email from us at some point. No need to provide room numbers or OCMRs, of course. Registration closes April 10 at 11:59 pm.

4. How does the timeline work this year?

This year’s game will be longer than usual. Instead of our normal high-commitment two weeks, expect around a month with lower demand on the day-to-day. As usual, always prioritize your classwork, job, and mental and physical health ahead of ObieGame. 

5. How does winning work this year?

Rather than our normal system of eliminations, we’re going to have a points system. Teams will never be eliminated from the game: instead, they can get more points by completing various tasks. The more points you have, the more you gain access to lore, secrets, and game events. Eventually, the team(s) with the most points will win. 

6. Can I play even if I’m in a non-American time zone?

Of course! All time-based things will be scored in 24-hour intervals, and we’ll do our best to schedule any live events at a variety of times so everyone can get to one or two.

7. Can I play even if I was already abroad/on medical leave/off campus for the semester for some reason?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone who is currently enrolled as an Oberlin student can play.

8. Can I play even if I’ve already graduated?

Unfortunately, no. Too many players would grow impossible for us to manage. Additionally, we want to ensure the safety of our players above all else, especially in virtual spaces we have less control over.

Find a team, sign up, and get ready. ObieGame will never die.