it’s that time of year

It’s that time of year. A salty wind is blowing, and sails are billowing. That’s right, ObieGame is sailing to a harbor near you. Registration for ObieGame 2022 is open now through April 17th, so hop aboard before we leave port. Any questions?

“Where do I register?” You can register over on registration dot obiegame dot com

“Can I play?” If you’re a currently registered Oberlin student – whether enrolled, abroad, or on leave – yes. Otherwise, no.

“What’s it like this semester?” We’ll be returning to our origins this year with a fully in-person game. There will be two weeks of puzzles and events starting on April 24th. Additionally, there will be no eliminations.

“How will an in-person game work?” This game will not be remote-accessible. All events will be in-person, but we will record events when possible for those who are unable to attend them.

“How will no eliminations work?” Every team will be able to enjoy the main events regardless of how many puzzles they complete. However, the more puzzles you complete, the more story and lore you’ll experience.

“What COVID protocols are there?” In addition to following ObieSafe guidelines, players are required to be masked during in-person events. If COVID recommendations change before or during the game, we will update players on guidelines for events.

“Will there be a player Discord server if the game is in-person?” Yes! We’ve loved seeing players sharing their experiences in previous years, and we want to keep that spirit going. The server will be sent out after registration closes, but it will not contain any characters. It’ll purely be a place for players to chat with each other about their theories, share memes, and make new friends.