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We Want to Hear From You!

We here at ObieGame Inc. can't do it alone. Well, we can do some things alone, like the daily crossword, or navigating through Netflix, and stuff like that, but that leaves a lot of things on the table that we can't do by ourselves. Fortunately, we know you, and you... yes, YOU, can help us out. How?

Feedback's a bitch
But we like it anyway. If you've played ObieGame in the past, email us with questions, to tell us what you liked in past games, what got confusing, and where we might have screwed up.

We're also on Twitter! Look at us getting all technological...

Want to do more?
Not content with just leaving feedback? We can use skilled and semi-skilled hands for all of the following:

To get in the game, send us an email. Please provide contact info and a quick bio, including any specific areas of knowledge (your major, your big hobbies, your interest in particle fusion reactors).

Note: We will not contact actors or QRT folks until after the game has started, so you can always change your mind and sign up alone or with a team in the spring.

But most of all...

The best contributors, we've found, are the one's who've played the game before. So if you haven't played, what's stopping you? Play! It's lots of fun, you can win prizes, and it builds character. The more players, the more teams, the bigger and better we get each year. When you play, you'll undoubtedly come up with lots of little ideas for making the ObieGame experience richer; that's when you shave your head and join the cult. Um, as it were.