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Player Guide

Okay, we thought about this. A full player manual from the developers would be too complex, too meta, too unncessary.  A player manual from PLAYERS makes a lot more sense. So, if you have advice you'd like to share with other players - newbies especially - just email it over and we'll post it here. Meanwhile, here's the one thing we could agree is worth passing along to everyone:

Every ObieGame is different. Clues appear in different ways; people, places and things have varying importance from year to year; your goals change and the ways you achieve them change as well. If you played before, reset your expectations - on plot, scope, clues, armadillos, whatever. Each ObieGame has rules... you'll just need to figure them out first.

A note on hacking:

Teams have come up with a myriad of creative ways to screw with, confuse, and try and get a leg up on other teams. The planners currently take a hands-off approach, and it is up to players to suss out whether or not they're looking at 'real' game materials. However, ObieGame 1) reserves the right to ban any team or player as it sees fit and 2) will shut down hacks that make our lives as game runners more difficult.