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April 23, 2009

We had wanted to send this yesterday, as promised, but with all the crazy goings on this week we're one day behind. Our apologies.

Dear players:

ObieGame has faced more than a few challenges over the years. Scheduling, budgeting, and keeping track of 150+ players are among them, but we hadn't run into something we couldn't re-write, re-code, or otherwise cover in the name of providing a fun experience for all. This year, though, we ran into a problem we couldn't think, build, or shout 'look over there!' our way out of. Concerns about public safety - which, for the record, we believe are a little overreactive - drastically limited our options for gameplay, effectively forcing us to scrap our plot for this year.

It's a shame - you really would have loved the space aliens.

But more seriously now: After facing the reality of our restrictions, we looked at some numbers. 180 players registered for this year's game. About a dozen people have put in weeks of time and plenty of effort thinking up a number of puzzles, tricks, and fun. It seems a waste of our work, and your enthusiasm, not to do *something* this spring.

The ObieGame planners intend to spend the next week-plus creating a new, compact, and very different - and very *safe* - game. We anticipate it being a one night mystery, sort of a drawing room murder mystery, but we're not 100% sure yet. It would be on Saturday, May 2 at 10pm, location TBD. It'll be a fun evening, something to put a bounce in your step and a gleam of triumph in your eye if you succeed...

We're telling you this now so you can decide whether or not you want to be kept in the loop. We understand that some of you may take this opportunity to just wait for next year (when we hope to have a full agreement with the powers that be). We will email captains with more details as they emerge. Any teams that disband, any captains that change due to drop-offs, just let us know.

Thank you all for bearing with us, and for the words of support these last few days.

Game on.


April 20, 2009

Dear players:

Despite several meetings in the last 48 hours which we thought resolved the concerns of those involved, we have been asked to postpone this year's ObieGame indefinitely. We are making further efforts to convince all interested parties that gameplay will not cause problems. We will let team captains know as soon as this situation has been resolved.

Due to the late start date this year, though, if we are unable to resolve the situation to everyone's satisfaction by Wednesday morning, ObieGame '09 will have to effectively be canceled. Should that be the case, we hope to revive the current build this fall - if we are allowed to continue to operate. We apologize in advance to graduating seniors, and sincerely hope this worst case scenario will not come to pass.

Please continue to check your email for more updates.

With regrets,