Announcing the winners of ObieGame’13: Title Never Agreed Upon by the Planners!

  1. Teen Titanz [only team to solve Deep Throat’s riddles; bonus points for talking back to Boyd during the endgame]
  2. The Troublemakers [Second team invited to endgame; bonus for wreaking such havoc during Sim3 (we had to give them credit for it – we never specifically outlawed such actions)]
  3. Dove Party [bonus for having a team member willing to sacrifice themselves to save their team in endgame. We wrote you guys a movie for endgame, you scripted a scene we’d only hoped for.]
  4. Revengeance [Y’all did awesome, seniors, and we’re looking forward to the documentary!]

Prizes were sent to OCMR’s on Saturday the 11th. Congratulations to you all, and we’re glad you all seemed to have as much fun as we did.

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And that’s a wrap!

Anyone else exhausted? Thanks to everyone who played, planned, or helped out with closing night. Twelve teams were in the finals and spent several hours running around campus at the behest of our possibly-malevolent A.I., with Black Bass, A.O.V., and The more you polish… finally entering the correct response.

Full team rankings and prize listing up soon – captains, don’t forget to tell us your gift certificate preference ASAP.

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