we are so back

Hello, everybody, it’s been a while. We hope you’re ready to solve some mysteries and venture on quests, because the return of ObieGame is at hand. Gather a team of friends, foes, or strangers, and begin the journey. “Can I play?” If you’re a currently registered Oberlin student (enrolled, abroad, or on leave), then yes. … Read morewe are so back

it’s time

The winds of spring wave their way through Oberlin, the sun forges its way northward in the sky, and the trees begin to bloom once more. This means it’s time to venture on quests and solve mysteries. ObieGame has returned, so gather a team of friends, foes, or fae (be they clever or charming) and … Read moreit’s time

a quick check-in

It’s been a while, dear players! While this is the month of tricks and treats, this year’s game will be coming to you in Spring 2023. As such, there won’t be any promotional material from us until then. If you see anyone trying to pull tricks or offer treats, it isn’t us. See you then!