ObieGame will never die…?

In fact, something went very wrong with the resurrection spell, and, well, now it’s so undead it’s doubled. Don’t tell the Necromancers’ Guild. We’re in enough trouble with them as it is. 

But you heard it right: this year we’re bringing you ObieGames, plural for the first time ever. One game in the fall, one in the spring. While both games will be remote-accessible, being on campus will be a richer experience. A single game would mean at least one class year misses out on that chance, and that sucks. Registration for ObieGame: Fall Edition (a.k.a. our original plans for last spring, revamped) will open in mid-October, and you can expect a second game at the standard time in April. Play either, both, neither, or send us your elaborate plot to bring down your nemesis—we don’t care. They’re entirely distinct, and there’s no advantage to playing both, other than the sweet, sweet glow of satisfaction.

(Don’t ask about summer semester. Didn’t we tell you? The Necromancers’ Guild. They’ll have our heads. And you don’t want to know what they’ll do with them after that.)

Per the usual, register in teams of up to 10. Solo registrants will have the option to join a team of other lone wolves. Every member of the team must be a current Oberlin student (whether officially enrolled, abroad, on medical leave, or taking a semester off). We recommend having at least one member on campus, but everything will be fully remote-accessible. There’ll be roughly two weeks of game time… if your team isn’t eliminated.

Regarding safety in these absurd times: we value players’ and planners’ health above all else. No official ObieGame events, puzzles, or general tomfoolery will ever require you to break social distancing, gathering limits, or any other school health guideline. 

We’ll let you know through bizarre and incalculable means when registration is open. Until then, stay safe, stay vigilant, and above all, stay away from necromancers.